How To Make Your Blog A Backlink Superstar

A blog helps you to attract a larger audience and gain more traffic. Backlinks are one of the primary building blocks of good SEO. High-quality backlinks are a decisive Google ranking factor that a blog owner should highly consider. The more high-quality backlinks you have on your blog, the more value you provide. Therefore, it is vital to know how to place high-quality backlinks. Below is how to make your blog a backlink superstar.


You can use “Domain Authority” to measure a site’s authority on a scale of 0 to 100. Getting backlinks from high-authority sites can significantly boost you in different search engines.

The simplest way to get backlinks from these high-authority sites is guest posting. When you write a guest blog post on an authoritative site, you have the option of including one link back to your blog or website.


Quality content is the line between a bigger audience and no audience. Unfortunately, no matter how well you optimize your website, your SEO campaign will not work if your content is not good enough to be shared or linked.

To get high-quality backlinks, you should create amazing content that stands out and is worth a backlink.

Moreover, Google is increasingly prioritizing researched and in-depth content for SERPs. This is mainly because in-depth content contains more keywords and can rank for various searches.


People tend to share infographics, especially on trending topics in your industry. Invest in a high-quality infographic. Infographics show data in a visually appealing way and are easy to digest to readers.

Ensure you mention at the bottom of your blog that you created the infographic. When it goes viral, you will get lots of views and might attract backlinks if viewers embed the infographic into their own sites.


It involves contacting a site owner to report any broken links on their site. Essentially, what you are doing is showing concern, which might develop into a business relationship. While reaching out to the site owner, you can suggest replacing the broken link with your blog or site.

The chances of getting a backlink are high since you are doing the site owner a huge favor and also since a backlink to your blog is better than a 404 error.

You might as well scout the authoritative sites and hope to get a broken link.


Chances are, there are different mentions of your brand or name online that aren’t linked back to your blog. Use a tool like [] to find places where your brand has been mentioned. Reach out to the site owners, appreciate them for the recognition, and request if they are willing to link back to your site.


Each of these methods requires some amount of time to show results. However, the reality is that organic search traffic is becoming increasingly vital as social media platforms are limiting a business’ potential. With each of the above methods, you are on your way to make your blog a backlink superstar.

Technorati Tags: Can You Use Them To Bring More Traffic To Your Website?

Do you have a website? If so, are you happy with the traffic you get to your website? If yes, it is fine. If no, what are the steps you have taken to improve the traffic? Traffic to the website plays a vital role in your online development. Of course, many online businessmen follow many strategies to achieve the goal. Have you tried Technorati tags to bring more traffic to your website? Technorati is one of the leading search engines or social bookmarking sites launched recently. No doubt, the new trendy marketing techniques of Technorati put you ahead of your competitors. You have to tag your blog for increasing the traffic to your website.

Increase your website traffic using Technorati tags

Technorati tag explains the subject matter of a blog post. It is a keyword used for describing the topic of the blog post. The technorati tag entices many buyers to visit the website page. These buyers are majorly qualified with an intention to buy the product. Hence, you need not spend money for advertising purposes further online. The topnotch tagging site is technorati which allows the website owner to tag their own content. Then the added tag can be added with the Technorati index. This process is absolutely an awesome task by the website owner to bring more traffic.

Technorati profile making

If you want to enhance the chances of traffic to your website open an account on the Technorati site. Next, a simple task has to be done by you. Yes, you can claim the blog that belongs to you after your profile login. Once these steps are over, you have the chance of creating twenty tags with your description. By doing so, the chances of viewing your blog or website get increased among the customers. The major advantage available for Technorati customers is that they can tag many keywords on the site as they like. These tag keywords are done on the same page of your website.

Attractive tags drive customers to your website

Yet another advantage to the surfers who require an excellent blog or website is that they can land on an exact blog that has tags. Relevant sites are obtained for the surfers with the help of the tags. Do not forget to add Technorati tags to your ping list. By doing so, your posts or blogs get listed automatically. In case if you want more traffic or on an abundant basis, increase the tags on the excellent niches. You have the liberty to add tags to your post as you like.

Tip for your success

A simple tip for tagging is to add an attractive keyword to your blog posts. It makes the visitor land on your blog by searching. For example, if you write a blog on weight loss, try to include keywords or tags such as diet, slim, gaining weight, nutrients, balanced food to attract visitors. Technorati, a blog searching engine fulfills your expectations to the core. You can also consult an online expert for a successful Technorati tag to be attached.

How To Make Money On The Internet

Making money has for long been associated with and restricted to the traditional office routine. The internet has become an integral part of our lives and influencing how we conduct our daily activities and interactions. With the ongoing pandemic, most people have been forced to stay or work from home, and people are looking for more ways to make money online.

The pandemic has pushed the economy into recession, resulting in most people losing their jobs and revenue streams. However, the internet has provided diverse ways for people to earn and cater to their bills. Conversely, making money online is not an easy feat, and one shouldn’t expect to earn huge sums overnight.

Although the internet is filled with multiple job opportunities, some may be fake or scam calling for you to tread carefully. It would be best to research the available platforms and what they have to offer. With the right opportunity, working online can prove convenient, reliable, comfortable, and sustainable. With that, here are some ways that you can make money online.


Freelancing is among the top ways to make money online, and you may come across various options. Various websites act as a proxy between the freelancer and clients looking to hire a particular skill set. Search for the best and renowned freelancing websites, set up an account, and browse through the job listings.

While signing up, the website may prompt you to list your skills and suggest various tasks that meet your sill criteria. This way, clients looking for your skills will contact you and provide paid assignments. Different sites offer freelancing jobs, but the pay rate may vary depending on skill and urgency.

However, it is not a guarantee that you will always find jobs and calls for you to practice extreme patience. Take time to build your portfolio and increase your rating as you work with different clients and offer your services. The convenient part is that most payments are made digitally, and funds are disbursed to various e-wallets preferred by you and the clients. It is important to note that payments are made on task completion and work approval by the client.

Build a Website

Having a website may open doors to making a significant amount of money through adverts. Ads may be considered as one of the crucial online revenue streams for both individuals and corporations. Gone are the days when you had to look for a credible web designer and part with a hefty sum to create your website.

The internet provides all the elements needed to come up with a good website. You can obtain web templates, domains, and layout or design features to design your website. Think of the content to post on your website to attract visitors and increase your website traffic.

Once your site is up and running, you can sign up with Google AdSense, which helps you make money via clicks on ads posted on your website. More traffic means more clicks which equate to increased earnings.

Affiliate Marketing

You can also earn commissions from companies by promoting their products and services. You can share the companies’ links on your social media pages or website, and once a user clicks the links and completes the purchase, you earn a commission. Start by joining an affiliate program and determine the best offers on products to promote. You then obtain a link that you can share on various platforms inviting customers to make a purchase.


Various companies are willing to pay to hear your feedback on their products or services. These companies will pay you to conduct market research, fill out survey questionnaires, and write product reviews. Search for known websites that offer paid survey tasks and keep an eye out for offers that seem too good to be true.