Creative Ways to Use RSS Feeds in WordPress

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. It is a form of web feed that lets users and applications get regular updates from their preferred websites or blogs. While it helps publishers to syndicate their content automatically, it also works great for subscribers willing to track fresh content even without visiting websites manually. If you are thinking about creative ways to use RSS feeds in WordPress, dig deep into this article!


Once you are done searching for feeds suitable for your website, you need to import them. You can also segregate the feeds using keywords. Before setting up the RSS feeds on your website, make sure that you abide by the legalities by acknowledging the rightful owners of the content and seeking permission from them.

Here are some ways of using RSS feeds:


Websites related to coupons and discounts can depend on RSS feeds in WordPress for staying updated with the exclusive, best deals and latest offers. Once you are subscribed to RSS feeds from a particular site, you can show that information on your personal website. You can also provide your zip code on some sites to get updates about deals and offers nearby your area.


With RSS feeds in WordPress, you can go through several sites and accumulate news related to a particular genre or niche and have them all in a single place. Thus, drawing content from multiple sources, categorizing them, and presenting in a reader-friendly manner becomes quite easier. If you wish, you can also create plugins that automatically create WordPress posts for a particular stream of content.


Suppose you are a vehicle dealer and you wish to have a continuous supply of vehicles to offer your customers. By using RSS feeds, you can store your product categories. For this, you need to enter the product’s name into the search bar and then scroll to the end of the page. Once you find the RSS button at the bottom, you need to click on that. This will allow you to get subscribed to the advertisement list for that particular product.


You can track stock, currencies, or monitor global stock indices via a customized RSS feed. There are many electronic marketplaces that not only support stock quote feeds but also let users build their own personalized stock quote feed. RSS feeds in WordPress can work wonders for websites that primarily deal with finance and the economy. With these feeds, you can also show the current price of the shares held by your company on your home screen by using a widget.


Another way by which you can help your readers stay updated is by providing them regular weather updates. Multiple online services offer weather-related information. To receive local weather updates, you only need to click on the RSS button and enter your postcode through an RSS feed.

How You Can Start Your Own Blog Today

Blogs build community and conversation, and, even as technologies evolve, community and conversation are always relevant. Therefore, a blog in 2021 is still relevant. 

When thinking about how you can start your own blog, there are a number of things to consider. But it all starts with you. 

What Do You Love?

Unless you’re a Renaissance wo/man who knows a little bit about everything, chances are, you have a few highly specific passions. Pick one and write about it. By focusing on a niche topic such as effective dog training methods, you’ll have more success than a general “here’s my daily routine” kind of blog. 

Though daily-living content can be fun and exciting, a blog isn’t necessarily the best platform for it. TikTok, Snapchat, and other social media outlets typically serve that kind of function. That’s not to say that you cannot offer a “slice of life” kind of element to your blog because your audience does want to get to know you. That’s how you build community and trust — by being 100% you. 

What is Your Why?

A popular question in business, “what is your why,” is also a great question to ask yourself when you consider starting a blog. Why are you blogging? Are you blogging to share your specialized knowledge or present reviews on products you adore? Do you just want readers for your words? Or are you hoping to use it as a springboard for monetization? Knowing this from the start will help you narrow your focus. 

Pay Attention to the Nuts and Bolts

Once you have a niche and you’re why nailed down, it’s time to start building. Pick a platform and a web host. Whether you choose a free or subscription plan is up to you, but if you plan to monetize your blog, you’ll want to have more control over your content and storage. 

After researching what is available, purchase a domain name that is readable and unique. You will also want to make sure you can “own” simple, readable social media handles that point back to your blog. 

If your blog is titled “How the West Was One,” a quirky blog about being single on the west coast, having a social media handle like @SingleInCali35 might be confusing. @WestOne sounds like a bank.

Content Calendars are Key

Pick a schedule and stick to it. Your readers will expect a reliable publishing schedule or they’ll get bored and lose interest — or worse, forget you exist altogether. 

Use a spreadsheet to keep track of your content calendar. At a minimum, you’ll need the following: 

  • blog title;
  • publication date;
  • URL;
  • word count;
  • and image asset links.

Be Honest About Ads

If you’re running ads on your site or selling them, you need to be crystal clear about it or you could run afoul of federal guidelines. Having a Terms of Service/Use is also critical, even if it’s a link in your footer. 

Google Adsense is a popular option for running ads on your blog, but there are others as well. Research the TOS and see what you’re comfortable offering. If you are writing for a conservative audience, you might want to have some say over what is advertised on your page.

Affiliate programs mean you partner with a retailer to promote their products and generate a commission when people click and/or buy. Most people are familiar with the Amazon affiliate program, but other retailers have them too. As always, check the T&C to see what is and isn’t allowed. 

If you keep these in mind, you can be on your way to blogging today.

How To Make Your Blog A Backlink Superstar

A blog helps you to attract a larger audience and gain more traffic. Backlinks are one of the primary building blocks of good SEO. High-quality backlinks are a decisive Google ranking factor that a blog owner should highly consider. The more high-quality backlinks you have on your blog, the more value you provide. Therefore, it is vital to know how to place high-quality backlinks. Below is how to make your blog a backlink superstar.


You can use “Domain Authority” to measure a site’s authority on a scale of 0 to 100. Getting backlinks from high-authority sites can significantly boost you in different search engines.

The simplest way to get backlinks from these high-authority sites is guest posting. When you write a guest blog post on an authoritative site, you have the option of including one link back to your blog or website.


Quality content is the line between a bigger audience and no audience. Unfortunately, no matter how well you optimize your website, your SEO campaign will not work if your content is not good enough to be shared or linked.

To get high-quality backlinks, you should create amazing content that stands out and is worth a backlink.

Moreover, Google is increasingly prioritizing researched and in-depth content for SERPs. This is mainly because in-depth content contains more keywords and can rank for various searches.


People tend to share infographics, especially on trending topics in your industry. Invest in a high-quality infographic. Infographics show data in a visually appealing way and are easy to digest to readers.

Ensure you mention at the bottom of your blog that you created the infographic. When it goes viral, you will get lots of views and might attract backlinks if viewers embed the infographic into their own sites.


It involves contacting a site owner to report any broken links on their site. Essentially, what you are doing is showing concern, which might develop into a business relationship. While reaching out to the site owner, you can suggest replacing the broken link with your blog or site.

The chances of getting a backlink are high since you are doing the site owner a huge favor and also since a backlink to your blog is better than a 404 error.

You might as well scout the authoritative sites and hope to get a broken link.


Chances are, there are different mentions of your brand or name online that aren’t linked back to your blog. Use a tool like [] to find places where your brand has been mentioned. Reach out to the site owners, appreciate them for the recognition, and request if they are willing to link back to your site.


Each of these methods requires some amount of time to show results. However, the reality is that organic search traffic is becoming increasingly vital as social media platforms are limiting a business’ potential. With each of the above methods, you are on your way to make your blog a backlink superstar.

Technorati Tags: Can You Use Them To Bring More Traffic To Your Website?

Do you have a website? If so, are you happy with the traffic you get to your website? If yes, it is fine. If no, what are the steps you have taken to improve the traffic? Traffic to the website plays a vital role in your online development. Of course, many online businessmen follow many strategies to achieve the goal. Have you tried Technorati tags to bring more traffic to your website? Technorati is one of the leading search engines or social bookmarking sites launched recently. No doubt, the new trendy marketing techniques of Technorati put you ahead of your competitors. You have to tag your blog for increasing the traffic to your website.

Increase your website traffic using Technorati tags

Technorati tag explains the subject matter of a blog post. It is a keyword used for describing the topic of the blog post. The technorati tag entices many buyers to visit the website page. These buyers are majorly qualified with an intention to buy the product. Hence, you need not spend money for advertising purposes further online. The topnotch tagging site is technorati which allows the website owner to tag their own content. Then the added tag can be added with the Technorati index. This process is absolutely an awesome task by the website owner to bring more traffic.

Technorati profile making

If you want to enhance the chances of traffic to your website open an account on the Technorati site. Next, a simple task has to be done by you. Yes, you can claim the blog that belongs to you after your profile login. Once these steps are over, you have the chance of creating twenty tags with your description. By doing so, the chances of viewing your blog or website get increased among the customers. The major advantage available for Technorati customers is that they can tag many keywords on the site as they like. These tag keywords are done on the same page of your website.

Attractive tags drive customers to your website

Yet another advantage to the surfers who require an excellent blog or website is that they can land on an exact blog that has tags. Relevant sites are obtained for the surfers with the help of the tags. Do not forget to add Technorati tags to your ping list. By doing so, your posts or blogs get listed automatically. In case if you want more traffic or on an abundant basis, increase the tags on the excellent niches. You have the liberty to add tags to your post as you like.

Tip for your success

A simple tip for tagging is to add an attractive keyword to your blog posts. It makes the visitor land on your blog by searching. For example, if you write a blog on weight loss, try to include keywords or tags such as diet, slim, gaining weight, nutrients, balanced food to attract visitors. Technorati, a blog searching engine fulfills your expectations to the core. You can also consult an online expert for a successful Technorati tag to be attached.